WFH Studio @ Elevate 100, GoK, Nasscom Startup Warehouse

Autonomous Search And Rescue (SAR) Drone Systems with AI & Computer Vision (OpenCV)

Analyzing the recent threats & damages due to Human-Animal conflict, Coastal calamity, Tourism/Adventure rescue & various other Public Administration mishaps during riots, WFH Studio have taken an initiative to develop a complete Autonomous UAV System integrating the latest technology in Drones, Robotics & Computer Vision(OpenCV).

Social Impact of our Drone systems:

  • Early response to rescue/emergency calls giving an opportunity to save human, wildlife and preserve nature
  • Assist respective authorized Govt. departments to monitor huge crowds during festival/cultural gathering or for aerial surveillance in case of riots in cities to prevent damage to property/life
  • Save the lives & huge amount of compensation money spent by state government towards human-animal conflict, wild-life emergency, forest fire and various other natural/man-made disaster, by preventing them much earlier