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We Fly High started in what was a simple experiment rekindled by passion and interest in unmanned drone technology, robotics and the physics that governed it. Since then, we’ve never looked back, or in our case never looked down.

We’ll keep going higher, improving our know-how, technology, stay up-to-date and explore every possibility, to be able to assist and help in every situation that calls for advanced aerial & robotic solutions. After all, WE FLY HIGH!


To nurture the expansion and ease interchange of scientific and technological knowledge in UAV, Robotics & Automation that welfare our society and the profession.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it. The secret of flight is this

You have to do it immediately, before your body realizes it is defying the laws.

Our Services

Event Digitalization & Interactive Solutions

At WFH, we don’t think outside the box, instead think there is no box, enabling us to provide the most engaging event & entertainment experience using Digital Signage Solutions, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics & Interactive Systems

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Aerial Filming, Simulation & Pilot Training

Businesses are utilizing UAVs for specialized services in sectors like filming, real estate, survey, agriculture, industrial inspections & many more. Training program at WFH will get you ready to service as UAV pilot in all emerging aerial professions

Aerial Surveillance, Survey & 3D Mapping

UAVs carrying Hi-Tech sensors & optical zoom camera to capture photos and generate reliable information about objects & environment. Experts at WFH use a set of tool-chain to record, measure & interpret aerial photogrammetry point cloud & patterns to visualize 3-D geographic data

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Robotics, Autonomous Systems & 3D Prototyping

We Fly High incubates a small research team that focuses on development & applied research on robotics in wide range of sectors including agriculture, environmental & civilian monitoring, biodiversity in forest, wild-life conservation, micro-organic breeding and a lot more

Academy for Drones, Robotics & Automation

Diploma courses & workshops on UAV/Drone & Robotics at WFH Academy focus on the every important aspect like RnD, vehicle design, sensor development, communications & data links, sense & avoid systems, autonomous control, vehicle navigation, alternative power and operations.

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UAV/UGV Research & Development

Building a micro-drone is a cakewalk, why & for what purpose we build is the nitty-gritty of it. At We Fly High, an impeccable R&D team assist our customers, students or governments to develop autonomous aerial/ground vehicles for custom payload, application & environment specific activities.

Some Facts

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Recent Events & Journals

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Our Clients


Bharath Yadav

Founder, CEO & Chief RC Pilot

An efficient Event Manager & a hardcore RC Pilot, with more than 15 years of experience in Events & Entertainment industry, my dream is to create ‘WoW’spiring experiences to audiences with a mix of innovation, creativity & technology

Pritam Ashutosh

Chief Aircraft Engineer & RC Pilot

With more than 10 years of industrial experience in UAV, I specialize in Flight control laws & validation, simulation, flight mechanics, aero- dynamic analyst & aircraft design. Have assisted government in various defense research programs.

Deepak Manickam

Creative Designer, Research & New Initiatives

As a Creative Designer, I take care of brand design at WFH studio. I also ideate & develope on new concepts and potential applications of UAV/UGV focussing on Event Digitalization, Search and Rescue, Survey & Mapping and Geographical Analysis.

Mahendra Gumansingh

Aircraft Engineer & Operation Manager

A smart worker & efficient manager in tough situations. Apart from building robust drones, my sole objective is to develop & invest healthy quality may it be in work or it may be in behavior. A long-standing biker and a social activist.

Kiran Nagraj

Aircraft Design & Modelling

Architect, Interior Designer, Biker & a Model maker. Aeromodelling has been a serious hobby since the 6th grade. I have been building hobby aircrafts, vehicles and ship models since then. Have also ventured into casting concrete accessories.

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